chewy gummy

as i walked along a road

awfully glee and carefree

i stepped on a gum chewed already


Oh no, dear me

it’s so gooey.

as it stuck durably

tight and stubbornly

on the sole of my shoe

so persistently

i ponder and observed

and came to see

this gum. yes, this..

that’s bothering me

what if we think

this thing as ma’asi

it may seem small,

but if you forsee

it’ll be stuck to you

like this chewy gummy.

Oh no, that’s bad!

even more remorseful

i shall not let my life be regretful!


little gum has taught me

such wonderful analogy

be careful of that sticky

bad habit, zunub wal ma’asi..








10 pm

guest/tarbawi room


cinggam memang susah nak dibuang

tapi kena buang.

tak boleh biarkan ia terus melekat.

sama dengan jahiliyyah dalam diri.


About SarahR

a servant of Allah

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