Forgotten promises


as i was listening to a beautiful song by sami yusuf, Forgotten promises, it brought me back to remember the tafsir of surah Al-Haaqqah..

from the lyrics, and the video clip.. reminding us of the hunger and humanitarian mission to the overseen countries tested with drought and poverty.

“Our words must count
Hunger will not wait for promises we made”

how true…
in the ayaat in surah Al-Haaqqah after describing the people of Jannah who received their book of deeds by their right hands, Allah described those who are doomed for Hell after receiving their book of deeds by their left hands.. in a scary, grieving way.. and what was the character mentioned by Allah of those people entering the Hell?

69:33: Indeed, he did not used to believe in Allah, The Most Great,

69:34: Nor did he encourage the feeding of poor.

clearly stated.

Not only the obligation towards Allah but also implies our obligation towards other people, entailing the importance of amru bil ma’rufi (enjoining what is good). remember, that Allah did not state nor did YOU feed the poor but nor did we ENCOURAGE!

and feeding the poor and helping and encouraging others to do so is just one of the examples of what Allah wants from us.

let us tadabur surah Al-Haaqqah today, reading the ayaats verse by verse.. with our hearts.